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The three - hours guided tour begins and end up at your hotel where you will walk/driven to the city market (opened 1904). Here you will be able to see and buy, tropical fruits and spices (if you wish).

You will also feel the pulse of Zanzibar and hear different dialects being spoken by the people at the market. From there we proceed to the Anglican Church of Christ built by Bishop Steers in 1874 on the site of old slave market.

You will see tiny and dingy room where slaves were kept (Slave Chambers) before reaching the auction table in the Old slave market. You will then be driven or walk (optional) to National Museum of Zanzibar (opened 1925) to see many interesting relics from the time of the Sultans and the early Explores.

Then a drive along the beach road up to Forodhani Gardens where you will see the Old British Consulate (the house where the body of late Dr. Living stone was kept and later sent to Britain), the Arab Fort built (1700), the House of Wonders (built in 1883) National Museum of Zanzibar, High Court Building, Old German Consulate, Africa House - (former English Club) Tip Tip House, kelele Square, Old British Consulate, Orphanage Home, Old Fort, Forodhani Gardens, House of Wonders (Current National Museum), Sultan Palace (Palace Museum) former French Hotel in Zanzibar ,Custom House, Old Dispensary, Old Harbor are among the topic of this guided tour in Zanzibar.

Afterwards a leisure walking through the narrow streets of Stone town (old part of Zanzibar town) where most of the houses date back to more than two hundred and fifty years. In this part of town you will find a lot of exotic small bazaars and shops.

Meet Zanzibari People doing their local shopping ( they are very friendly) Finally you will be taken to Maruhubi Palace Ruins built by the third Sultan of Zanzibar in (1880) and Dr. Living stone House built in (1866 )

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