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Are you a photographer at heart?  Do you want to take home spectacular pictures  that are the envy of your family and friends?  If so, let’s go on a photographic safari.

We’ll take you to those extraordinary places that are the perfect backdrop for relaxing and taking pictures. Don’t be surprised, if along the way, we come across thousands of wildebeest crossing the Mara River and grazing peacefully on the other side; cheetah racing across the horizon on an early morning hunt for the thompson gazelle; or a pride of lions – mama with her cubs – entwined in each others’ embrace and enjoying their afternoon respite under an umbrella-shaped acacia tree. Or we drive around the corner, and we are struck by the inconceivable beauty of the endless plains of the Serengeti stretching up to greet the sky that is setting on another fine day.  All of these sights, and much more, are waiting for you on your photographic safari.

Our wildlife photographer is on hand to take you to these places where you can photograph the wildlife and the landscape. He is ready to teach you a few “tricks of the trade” with your camera and to coach you on how to “zoom in” or “go wide” to get the “perfect shots” that will dazzle everyone!

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