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It all tastes like chicken!


Have you ever scanned the menu in a restaurant and decided that tonight you’re going to be a little daring and order something that you’ve never eaten before? And when the meal arrives, you cautiously take your first bite of the mystery delicacy and you say, “You know what? This tastes just like chicken!”

Yes, it might taste like chicken, but that’s not the only culinary experience you will have on safari in the Serengeti! A smorgasbord of tantalizing aromas, flavours, and colors awaits you! There is something for almost every palate, whether you crave comfort foods that remind you of home, or you are ready for a more adventurous trip down the culinary pathway. And yes....there’s chicken too!

The red carpet of hospitality is rolled out for you, whether your preference is to stay in a luxury, first-class lodge or a rustic tented camp. The dining venues offer a touch of elegance with exceptional views of the Serengeti.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are usually buffet-style with a range of meat, fish, soups, and vegetarian dishes. Each dish is prepared with skill and care by chefs who put a delicate signature twist on meals to give you an authentic African experience. As well, there is a rainbow of fruits and vegetables sourced from local communities that is spectacular in, and of, itself – mango, pineapple, avocado, oranges, and those sweet little bunches of bananas! And if you have a sweet tooth, dessert is the grand finale - a visual extravaganza and mouthwatering treat sure to satisfy. The meals are so delectable, you will likely go back for seconds! And if barbecue is on your mind, join us at the open-air firepit where you will find a variety of succulent meats being slow cooked to perfection.  Ahh...the aroma of barbecue!

Looking for the perfect glass of wine or beer to accompany dinner? We have that covered. Our wine and beer lists offer some of the finest local and imported beers for you to enjoy.

So how can you get the most of your safari-style dining experience? It’s all about the “3 C’s”:


Be curious – When passing by the symphony of fabulous dishes on a buffet table, please stop and ask staff about foods that are unfamiliar to you. You might be staring at a food that soon makes it to your list of top ten favourites! It is especially important to ask about the ingredients in the dish if you have food allergies or if you have an abhorrent dislike for a certain food. 

Be courageous – Step gently outside your comfort zone to experiment with something new.  This doesn’t mean loading your plate with “the unknown”, but putting a smidgeon on your plate to give the food a test drive.  If your taste buds approve, then go back and load up that plate!

Be creative – Mix and match foods to create your own culinary wonderland.  There are no rules for what goes with, on, under, or around rice, potatoes, or chicken!  Savour the sensations that come with combining the unexpected.


And don’t miss our Christmas in July campaign! Book before Sept 30, 2015 and you receive 15% off per person on your Monarch itinerary. Book 6 or more people before this cut off date and you receive 20% off per person.

And on that note...bon appétit my friends!  See you on safari soon!




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