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Merry Christmas....in July?


Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah! Happy Kwanzaa! Season’s Greetings!

July 1 marks the half-way point in the year and the grand finale countdown of  2015!  Many of you soon will be asking “what are we going to do for the holidays this year?” I realize asking this question so early in the year likely will get mixed reactions. For some of us, this is a distressing, almost horrifying thought, others might simply hyper-ventilate, and others might respond by saying it is incredibly premature to fathom what the holidays will entail.


Yet planning for your Christmas holiday as early as July can ease, and even alleviate, a considerable amount of unnecessary stress for you. By getting a jumpstart on your vacation planning, you can settle into looking forward to your awesome December getaway. And when work becomes overwhelming and your to-do list burgeons, you can steal a few tranquil moments to mentally reroute and dream about your vacation beyond.

And shhhhh...we have a little secret to share at the end of this blog.

A Safari Wonderland Awaits You


Let us pamper you this holiday with an enchanting escape to a safari wonderland. Soak in the hypnotic beauty of the Serengeti’s open plains and gently rolling hills, and the breathtaking majesty of Ngorongoro Crater.

Experience the thrill of spotting “the big 5”, beholding the thunderous rush of the great wildebeest migration, and discovering how it feels to play in the great outdoors. 

Along with wildlife viewing, there are tons of activities which cater to a wide variety of your passions. We can conveniently add excursions to your itinerary based on your interests. How about - ballooning, walking safari, canoeing, cycling, an introduction to the Maasai community or a visit to schools and orphanage?  You name it, we have it covered!

At the end of the day, we retreat to the tranquillity of our “home away from home”. Whether you prefer luxury tented camps or five-star lodges, there are spectacular panoramic views of the landscape and wildlife, and you will experience the intimate charm and warmth which are signature qualities of African hospitality. 

After your safari adventure, let us whisk you away to the island of Zanzibar where endless stretches of pristine beaches along the stunning coast of Tanzania await you. Feel the ocean breeze...


The beach resorts cater to your every imaginable wish from world-class international spas, wellness centers, and plush lounges, to scores of water sports for you to enjoy, including parasailing, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing.

Also worthy of a nod are: a visit to historic Stone Town, known for its meandering cobblestone streets and the brilliant sights and sounds of its marketplaces; the indigenous forest of Jozani National Park; the blue-water havens of the east coast for snorkelling; and, a Spice Tour to take in the aromatic splendours from around the world.

Monarch Safari Guides are your Vacation Matchmakers

Monarch Safari Guides are here to make holiday planning effortless, stress free, and your most enjoyable experience yet. We are here to create a bespoke safari experience for you. Tell us what your best vacation experience looks like, and we spin our magic to create a dream getaway that suits you perfectly. 

And an Early Bird Special!

Book before Sept 30, 2015 and you receive 15% off per person on your Monarch itinerary. As an added bonus, book 6 or more people before this cut off date and you receive 20% off per person.

Visit our website for sample itinerary (www.monarchadventures.com) and contact us at (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so we can start planning your bespoke Christmas Safari Getaway.

And if this year is like last year, we encourage you to book early as Christmas is prime time for safari adventures. We don’t want you to miss out!

Let’s get the holidays started early this year!



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