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Calling all singles...


This blog is written for all of you who find yourselves currently single and searching for that special sweetheart. No, this isn’t what you think.

I am not here to play Cupid or try to hook you up with the perfect life mate. And I’m certainly not going to give you dating advice. But I am going to play matchmaker. Just a surprisingly unusual kind. 


Fasten your heart-belt....here we go...

Often, when we are on a crusade to find our “true love”, a few of our dreams and desires are put in abeyance. Some of us believe that, because we are single, there are certain things we “shouldn’t do” or “can’t do” until we are “a couple” again. And one of these beliefs - which is etched enduringly in our collective consciousness - is: Thou shalt be “a couple” to go on vacation! And THAT is just a load of pure codswallop.

Oh, the curse of the solo traveller! For some reason, our society makes it unappealing to even fathom going on vacation by yourself.  Yes, there are disadvantages to travelling alone. I have trekked the open highways by myself many times, and I know exactly what this feels like. Around every corner there is a reminder that you are by yourself. You are frequently surrounded by insufferably happy couples gushing with loving embraces and sensuous kisses, which accentuate your feeling of loneliness. It is unbearable to dine at a restaurant on your own, because you think everyone is looking at you with pity and thinking “so sad, no friends!”.

You don’t have anyone to share with you those “take my breath away” moments. You settle in early at night with a good book or maybe to watch a movie, because the night life just isn’t much fun on your own (plus there is the added risk factor if you are in a foreign city). And to make it more of a “holy shamrock” event, the lodge you are staying at slaps a ridiculously expensive single supplement charge on the hotel rate. Just thinking about travelling by yourself stresses you out beyond belief.  

Let’s de-stress.  I’m going to melt away all these concerns.  As your vacation matchmaker, I invite you to join our team for our :

Flying Solo Safari Adventure

A singles only dream escape to the Serengeti 

Our Monarch team will take you on a worry-free whirlwind adventure where we pamper, delight, and mesmerize you. You will be in the company of other like-minded travel enthusiasts who share the same passion and excitement for wanting to explore the hidden treasures and magic of Africa. We will have ultimate freedom to shape our day and to enjoy it as we please whether we are following the great migration of the wildebeest, chasing cheetah across the open plains, or tracking the path of the illusive black rhino. 

 And as the African sun begins to set, we find ourselves around the campfire storytelling about our day and eagerly envisioning the day ahead. And because this is an international invitation, imagine the new friends you will meet from all around the world. 

So...when can you get here?  We have added our Flying Solo Safari Adventure to our itinerary as a monthly feature, and our client care team is on hand right now to start planning your bespoke dream vacation.  Check out our website at www.monarchadventures.com. 

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