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Your 7 Night-8 Day Great Migration Experience

To help you envision your Great Migration adventure in the northern circuit we offer you a sample itinerary that is a classic favorite of our guests. This itinerary features the finest accommodations for your consideration. We can adjust the itinerary to meet your specific interests and needs and to be comfortable for your budget.

The best times of the year to experience this remarkable occurrence are the middle of December to March and from July to September.

Our Great Migration itinerary is ideally suited for couples, families, and wildlife enthusiasts.


Safari Highlights: Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Serengeti National Park

Day 1: Arusha

Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, our driver will be waiting to greet you and take you to the serenity of your lodge where he will provide a full pre-safari briefing followed by time for you to unwind from your flight and begin to settle into your holiday.  

The Arusha Hotel one of the finest establishments easily accessible to all amenities.

Day 2: Arusha - Tarangire National Park

After a leisurely breakfast we drive to Tarangire National Park – home of the highest population of elephants, pride of lions, and over 400 species of birds. We’ll also get our first glimpse of the wildebeest which is a preview of what we will experience in the Serengeti. There will be plenty of time for taking those perfect pictures to take back home with you. We’ll have a relaxing picnic lunch and then continue our game drive until the African sun begins to set. We return to camp in time for a luxuriously hot shower followed by dinner and storytelling.

Maramboi Tented Camp, awarded for its service excellence and overlooking the picturesque Rift Valley 

Days 3: Tarangire – Serengeti National Park

On our way to the Serengeti, we’ll pass through scenic Mosquito Creek, cross the Great Rift Valley escarpment, and enjoy the staggeringly beautiful views of the Ngorongoro Highlands, where you will get your first glimpse of the Ngorongoro Crater. Along the way, you will see the Maasai herding their cattle – their prized possession - across the open plains.  We’ll pick the perfect place for a picnic lunch so you can continue to enjoy the scenic beauty.  We proceed with a game on route as we enter the Serengeti and make our way to a luxury safari camp for dinner and a night of relaxation.

Ang’ata Serengeti Camp known for its warm hospitality, stellar views, and outstanding cuisine

Days 4 - 6:  Serengeti

Breathe in the beauty of the landscape and get ready for your Great Migration Experience! Enjoy three days of full game drive. The Serengeti is one of the most stunning wildlife sanctuaries in the world. The name comes from the Maasai word “siri nget” meaning “endless plains”. This vast savannah hosts the world’s largest surviving concentration of endless plains. In addition to the short grasses, there are beautiful rocky out-cropping called kopjes and thousands of acres of bush and acacia woodland.

It is here that we will see the wildebeest marching single file down from the hills of the Northern Serengeti. Approximately 1.5 million wildebeest migrate annually throughout the Serengeti and Masai Mara. In the mix are zebra and gazelle which bring the population of those crossing the plains to 2 million.  During the height of the migration the floor of the Serengeti is blanketed with wildebeest. We’ll take you to the centre of the action where you’ll see an endless stream of wildebeest, and every cluster of wildebeest is bubbling with activity. Get ready to snap those photos of wildebeest racing across the roads, lingering by the nearest waterhole, playfully locking horns with each other, and grazing leisurely on the lush grasses. We will also explore the changing eco-systems and search for other wildlife including lions, leopards, elephants, hyenas, antelopes and soaring eagles. And around every corner, we are likely to once again see the wildebeest forging onward.

Our expert guide and driver commit to taking you to those remote locations that will make your holiday extra special and memorable. Depending on your interests, they will take you off the beaten tourist track to explore the untamed wilderness that is distinctively the Serengeti. Get ready to experience the real Serengeti that so few have seen.  Lunch is served everyday overlooking the stunning plains of the Serengeti. At the end of each day, we return to our camp for fine cuisine and a night of rest.

Ang’ata Serengeti Camp known for its warm hospitality, stellar views, and outstanding cuisine

Day 7:  Serengeti – Ngorongoro Crater

Today is another adventure-filled game drive. We’ll have an all day excursion to the World Heritage Site - Ngorongoro Crater - for game viewing on the crater floor. The crater is the home of the largest African mammals. Here is one of the few remaining places where it is possible to encounter the highly endangered black rhino. It is also possible to see elephants (mostly lone or “bachelor” bulls), prides of lion, hippos, a resident herd of wildebeest, zebra, various gazelles, and baboons.  We will have lunch at the picnic site at the water’s edge, and then we’ll ascend back to the crater rim seeing more game along the way. Our day ends with a soothing shower, dinner, and relaxing by the fireplace.

Endoro Lodge, a tranquil luxury getaway nestled in the Highlands of Ngorongoro.

Day 8 Ngorongoro Highlands - Arusha

After breakfast, we make our way back to Arusha. Depending on your plans, our guides can work with you to make travel arrangements to other destinations.  We will make sure to take care of you whether you are traveling onwards or catching a flight back home. 

Note: If you have a few extra days, consider extending your stay. You can add one, or a combination, of these exciting destinations to your travel plans: A beach getaway to Zanzibar or a trip to the southern circuit - Selous National Game Reserve, Ruaha National Park, and Mikumi National Park.

Mount Meru Hotel offering premier service and quality; the ideal place to end your holiday.



Safiri Salama…Safe travels back home!

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