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Pristine sandy beaches stretching far into the distance, the tranquil warm water of the Indian Ocean, and a gentle ocean breeze caressing you.  Can you envision a beach getaway? We can make it happen.

Whether you want a few relaxing days on the beach after your safari adventure or after your trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, or you simply want an escape to the beach as the center piece of your holiday, leave all the planning to us.

Our gold star beach getaway takes you to the alluringly beautiful island of Zanzibar. You can explore the old-world charm of Stone Town with its meandering cobblestone streets of quaint and colorful shops and cafes, escape to an all-inclusive resort to lounge by the pool and be pampered at a world-class spa, or visit Prison Island which is home to the famous giant tortoise and where you can do some first-rate snorkelling and see some exquisite and rare fish and coral reefs. And, don’t forget to leave some space on your itinerary for a culturally enriching tour of one of the renowned spice plantations where all the spices of the world converge.

Zanzibar...the finest in beach getaways.   

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