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To suit your personal style and preference, a range of accommodations are available to you.

Your choices range from lavish hotels in the city centers to rustic tented camps in the bush. Our qualified safari consultants will work with you to create an itinerary that brings your vision into reality. Many of the larger tour operators have agreements with the “chain” lodges and limit their guests to stays at these large “hotels in the bush”. We prefer to look further a-field and utilize smaller, owner-owned and managed lodges and camps for a more personalized safari.


Tanzanian hotels are renowned for their high quality service, warm hospitality, and accessibility to a range of services to make your stay most comfortable and enjoyable. Hotels range in size from luxurious five-star accommodations to smaller, more intimate boutique-style hideaways. Most hotels are located in major cities where you can not only access all the services you need prior to venturing out on safari, but you can also take a tour of the city to acclimatize yourself to your new surroundings or do a little shopping for those mementos to take home as reminders of your getaway to Tanzania. 


A lodge is usually more charming and personable than a hotel and tends to be located out of the central urban areas. Lodges located in wildlife areas often have spectacular viewing platforms or watering holes from where wildlife can be enjoyed and observed and often there is a welcoming campfire at night. They can range in size from just a few rooms to over 40. The smaller lodges are understandably more intimate and the service is usually much more personable. 

Some examples of lodges in Tanzania are:

Permanent Tented Camps

A permanent tented camp is a lodge wherein the walls and ceiling of the individual rooms are made of canvas. These large tents are built on permanent platforms constructed of wood and are quite luxurious. The tents may have doors rather than flaps but they still retain the special feeling of sleeping “under canvas”. The common areas such as bar, lounge and dining are normally a more permanent fabrication. This type of accommodation is a good option for those who are not quite ready for true bush camping but would like a tented experience.

Some examples of permanent tented camps in Tanzania are:

Semi-permanent Tented Camps

These camps are closely related to the true mobile camps - the difference is that camp is set up either year round or seasonally – often taking advantage of the migratory routes according to the seasons. The tents are most often the large walk-in variety and many feature flush toilets if not running water and more amenities than are possible in a true mobile. The tents are often wired for electricity, which is provided by a generator, but they still retain the feel and authenticity of a classic safari camp.

Some examples of semi-permanent tented camps in Tanzania are:

Beach Resorts

Hotels, resorts, lodges, and bungalows, too numerous to mention, stretch along the stunningly beautiful coast of Tanzania and on the exotic islands of Zanzibar and Mafia. From a simple “tree house” with no electricity to the most opulent accommodations with indulgences such as international spas, wellness centers, and plush lounges. Whatever you envision, there is an accommodation that is waiting for you in one of Tanzania’s finest beach resorts. Tell us your dream beach holiday, and we’ll help you to attain it. 

Some examples of permanent tented camps in Tanzania are:

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